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Video Conferencing – Some useful tips on the Do’s and Don’ts

12th June 2020

Right from the start of lockdown we understood the importance of maintaining communications with our clients and prospects. So, we have set up an online booking system where people can book a time to meet with one of our financial or mortgage consultants through video conferencing.

It is simple to use. Just select a suitable calendar date, provide us with a few details, and you will receive a confirmation email with the video conference date, time and link attached.

And if you need to change the time of the appointment go to the confirmation email or calendar entry and follow the change or cancel links which will inform the team at RobMac of your decision.

You can check it out here:


Top Tips for a successful video conference

So, having made your appointment, what can you do to get the most out of the video conference meeting?  Here are a few top tips that will ensure that both you and your advisor will get the best out of the meeting.

  1. Test the technology before the meeting starts. We use the Zoom platform which many people will have become familiar with over the last few months. That said it is best to make sure that whatever device that your using; desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone connects properly and that you have tested that both the audio and video are working. There are some features that may be useful too if you want to share any documents. It is worthwhile getting comfortable with the app as so much time can be wasted on a call if not.
  2. Be prompt. Just a like a real face to face meeting, being on time helps everyone involved. Arriving 5 minutes late for a video conference call means that someone is twiddling their thumbs at the other end. This applies to our advisors too!
  3. Have documentation ready to hand. If you have been asked to have information for the meeting, make sure you have prepared it in advance and do not have to go and rummage during the call. Our advisors will certainly have client information at their fingertips.
  4. Sound and lighting are really both important for a good video conference meeting. We’ve all experienced calls where the person on the other end looks and sounds like they are at the far end of a dark cave! Check the volume and quality of your sound.

In the Zoom app, look for the Settings icon which is the little grey cogwheel. From the menu choice, you can select audio and video. Clicking on both will allow you to test them.


  1. Do use the video feature. We are all getting better with this turned on. We are learning how to behave on screen and look natural. We now take a bit more trouble with our appearance – well most of us do! If you do not use the video, you might as well have a phone call.


So, we hope this simple guide helps you to get the best out of your video conference call with our advisors at RobMac. We believe that we will all be using this feature much more even after life returns to normal.  Try it out, make an appointment now: