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Women want more financial advice……from women

2nd August 2019

There is a lot of research on the reasons why women don’t seek financial advice. The reasons include: The gender pay gap means women are less likely to have funds available for investing (46% of...

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Getting a great mortgage is hard work

25th July 2019

Getting a great deal for your mortgage is hard work. I know this from first-hand experience, not because I organised it myself, but because I witness it every week at RobMac an independent financial ...

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A useful glossary of mortgage terms

28th June 2019

Understanding all the jargon and terminology used to describe the various elements mortgages can be confusing for first time buyers, but it's worth taking a little time to learn the jargon befor...

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ESG is the new acronym in Asset Management

6th June 2019

As the rise in growth of impact investing continues apace, then so do the acronyms associated with all asset management.  The latest to gain traction is ESG; environmental, social and governance...

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5 Reasons to speak with an Independent Financial Advisor

30th May 2019

Well of course, you’d expect us to say that you need to speak to an IFA, but here are some genuine reasons why you will benefit from doing so. You might even enjoy the experience! 1. It...

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Self employed find it harder to secure a mortgage

28th May 2019

Recent research* shows that 75% of self-employed people in the UK state believe that their employment status makes it harder to get a mortgage. Given that there are currently 4.85 million people regi...

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Decline in the number of Defined Benefit Pension Transferring Out

16th May 2019

There has been a noticeable slowing down of the number of Defined Benefit (DB) Transfer Schemes that are taking place.  There are a number of factors that is behind the decline. Jeff Lewis, d...

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3 Key Questions about Mortgages Answered

25th April 2019

We spoke with Alison Mitchell, senior mortgage advisor at RobMac about three of the most common questions asked about mortgages. Why should I speak to you instead of a bank or building society...

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Investing in the future

19th April 2019

Investing in the Future – what are Megatrends? Many of us will have our own interpretation of what is the difference between a fad and a trend, but in the investment world, it’s a bit more sci...

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Help get your children/grandchildren into a savings habit

11th April 2019

Help get your children/grandchildren into a savings habit It’s a real challenge to get your children or even your grandchildren interested in the concept of saving. We know that the earlier you ...

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