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Run, fight, freeze……human behaviour and rational investing

5th February 2019

I recently attended a seminar run by investment managers Quilter Cheviot where they shared some of the lessons they have learned from 240 years of investing.  Here are some of the key take-aways that...

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Top 10 New Year Financial Resolutions

10th January 2019

Andrew Hannay has outlined a few top tips for enjoying a healthier financial position in 2019: 1. Health Check - go for a medical. This will help set your expectations. 2. Budget. Calculate your i...

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RobMac can now offer an even greater choice of retirement mortgages

6th December 2018

More and more of the high street lenders are now offering a Retirement Interest Only mortgage, which means that RobMac can now offer an even greater choice. Here's an article explaining how they wo...

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Investing Capital for Good – Looking to the Future

15th November 2018

Impact Investing Impact Investing is an exciting and rapidly growing industry powered by investors determined to generate social and environmental impact as well as financial returns. RobMac...

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New Mortgage products as a result of people living longer

13th November 2018

Alison Mitchell, mortgage advisor specialist at RobMac, says that due to the changing demographic in the UK with people living for much longer, then this is driving innovation and there are new produc...

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Swiss Intelligence

6th November 2018

  15 years ago I was lucky enough to visit the Geneva offices of Pictet Asset Management one of Europe's most forward thinking investment companies... here I was introduced to the concept ...

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Is your pension at the centre of a budget battleground?

18th October 2018

Rumours abound that the chancellor is preparing a raid on tax reliefs. The Sunday Times looks at how this might affect your retirement savings. Pensions are shaping up to be the main cause of contr...

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Top earners’ pensions targeted in the next UK budget

7th September 2018

High earners in the UK need to prepare for a raid as Chancellor Phillip Hammond is reportedly sharpening his knives to cut tax relief on contributions in the upcoming Budget. The Mail on Sunday rep...

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When you should seek independent financial advice?

21st August 2018

In light of the recent publicity surrounding people losing their pension pot to criminal scams, it’s important to understand the options that are available to you. If your investments, pension an...

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We’re running a campaign on Facebook!

3rd May 2018

At RobMac, we're always willing to try something new and so we're running our first ever campaign on Facebook. We're promoting an excellent guide on the 5 Reasons to transfer your deferred benefit pen...

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