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Vaccines and the Market

8th December 2020

Jeff Lewis, director of Edinburgh based IFA RobMac summarises the impact that the news of an imminent vaccine immunisation program on investment markets.

“Here’s a short market summary of where we are at with the vaccines and its effect on investment market sentiment.

Brexit negotiations remain tense, but financial markets remain more interested in the vaccine.

Jeff Lewis, director at RobMac


UK is  rolling out the Pfizer vaccine today with the US likely to approve Pfizer this week and Moderna next week with hope that the Oxford/Astra Zeneca will follow in the UK.

The  big unknown around the vaccine is the degree to which it would reduce transmission.

Investment Analysts’ New Year outlooks are beginning to arrive – and exhibiting a pro-risk bias which will be positive for continuing market growth and returns on portfolios.

We expect the risk-on rally to continue this festive season and into the new year as we emerge from this latest lockdown.

This positive news really means that clients should have confidence to remain invested even if there is still uncertainty in the air.”

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