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Update from Thea O’Sullivan from….Ghana

18th October 2022

You may recall that back in March of this year that RobMac was helping to sponsor Thea O’Sullivan from Edinburgh who was raising funds to finance her planned trip to China where she was going to spend a year teaching and living alongside Chinese children in a remote village.

We now have an update from Thea but from Ghana! Political climates change, as we are all too aware, and so while the objective remained the same, the destination changed.

Here’s what Thea has to say:

“I have been in Ghana for a month now, volunteering with the organisation Project Trust. Project Trust is an international volunteering charity that focus on long term overseas placements. More info here>>


I am living in Strogbe, Ghana and team at Eastridge Junior High School. I am teaching Maths and Science to form one. However, as many teachers do not always turn up to school every day, I have been covering other lessons at short notice.

My classes consist of 40 people, between the ages of 12-18. After school I often visit a big family that I have befriended and help the children to practice their reading and writing while the parents teach me to cook , speak and eat like a true Ghanaian.

Strogbe is in the Volta region of Ghana, home to the ewe people so I am currently learning to speak ewe and have already mastered their traditional ewe dance.

I have been lucky enough to attend a wedding here which has helped me to really emerge myself in the culture. At the end of the month, I will also be attending a funeral, which are huge celebrations of life, family and friendship here.

So far, the experience has been amazing, and I cannot wait to continue learning about and exploring this wonderful country that is my new home.”

We’ll continue to keep you updated about Thea’s progress.