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Top 10 New Year Financial Resolutions

10th January 2019

Andrew Hannay has outlined a few top tips for enjoying a healthier financial position in 2019:

1. Health Check – go for a medical. This will help set your expectations.
2. Budget. Calculate your income against your outgoings and plan.
3. Rebroke your all your insurances. There’s lots of savings to be made by switching providers whether its medical, personal, house, car etc.
4. Get your children/grandchildren into the savings habit.
5. Settle your credit cards on time.
6. Plan for the longer term. What will you need to live on after you retire?
7. Review your mortgage. There’s a lot more choice available today.
8. Use all your tax allowances.
9. Keep up with your education, whether that’s professional qualifications or just learning something new.
10. Arrange a review with your financial advisor.

If you’d like to discuss any of the above with Andrew, please get in touch by clicking on the link to make an appointment.