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See how 20 IFAs have set up working from home – RobMac’s Lisa Doig reveals all

1st April 2020

As IFAs across the UK set up shop in their own homes, Citywire’s Ashley Thomas-Walsh finds out about their new home office, what they are ‘not’ doing this week, and how they compare the latest market downturn to 2008 and 1999.

Lisa Doig, director at RobMac featured in this exclusive list, answers Citywire’s questions.

How is it working from home?

I log on whenever I get up really. Sometimes 7am other times 9am. Stop at 10am for some coffee and toast, then lunch around 12:30pm. Finishing at 5pm but always on call to answer client emails. My husband is also working from home and housebound. We’ve only been married for 6 months – it could be make or break for us!

Things I’m not doing this week?

  • Public transport (heaven)
  • Drinking
  • Lots of meetings cancelled that can now be done online
  • Date night at the local restaurant has been changed to date night in.  We’re dressing up, cooking, eating and chatting as if we were out. Wish us luck!

How does Covid-19 compared to 2008/1999?

I was on a career break then so never seen anything like this!

Lisa is still working with her clients and if you would like to speak to her about your finances, then click on the following link to arrange an online appointment.