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RobMac sponsors The Selkie Race

1st June 2021

Regular followers of RobMac will know that we tend to sponsor individuals or events that we believe our clients would also endorse.  At the end of 2019 we sponsored the three Maclean brothers who impressively rowed across the Atlantic setting 3 world records in the process.

This year, we are going to sponsor a remarkable young man who is going to continuously run, cycle and swim the length of the Outer Hebrides (184 miles) to raise funds for the Hebridean Whale & Dolphin Trust. James Armour is a passionate believer in climate change – he has a degree on the subject from Copenhagen University to prove it – and the effects that it is having on wildlife around the planet.

As a triathlete, he has competed all over the world, but this represents a unique challenge. He will not only be running a double marathon, iron man bike run and a channel distance swim but doing so in deadly jellyfish infested seas with strong currents and brutal winds. Understandably the sponsorship he is seeking is primarily to do with his safety support.

Why The Selkie? The Selkies are a mythological sea folk from the outer isles. Selkies are shapeshifters, transforming between seal and human form by shedding and replacing their skin. In their human form, selkie folk are always referred to as being very attractive. Given what James is trying to achieve – he’ll be in the water just as much as on dry land – it seems appropriate!

The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust has been around for 19 years and work directly with local communities to ensure whales, dolphins and porpoises are protected and valued throughout Scotland’s west coast. James hopes to raise £10,000 for the trust. For more information about the trust visit the website.

RobMac will be following James’s training in the build up to the race which starts on 30 July (weather dependent!). Last Friday, he did a quick warm up by swimming from Oban to the island of Kerrera, running across the island and then swimming to Mull – in just 3 hours! He even managed to bump into a journalist by chance who took the opportunity to interview James

We’ll keep you posted on James’s training and fundraising progress too which you can contribute to at any time on his fundraising page.