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RobMac announce exciting new sponsorship with The Thistle Rugby Podcast

4th February 2021

RobMac are delighted to announce that they have teamed up with The Thistle Rugby Podcast on the eve of the 6 Nations Championship.

The podcast is in its fourth season and covers the highs and lows of Scottish rugby. Each week during the rugby season, the team of three enthusiastic pundits, Dave, Alan and Matt discuss all things to do with Scottish rugby. They often have guests from the professional game who provide valuable and entertaining insights into the sport. There is usually a rugby quiz to test your knowledge. And such is their reputation after four years, they often get the news first and ahead of the official channels.

Andrew Hannay, director at RobMac said, “We’re delighted to announce this sponsorship on the eve of the 6 Nations Championship, as it is a further commitment of the business to support rugby in Scotland. We already sponsor Stewarts Melville FP rugby club and have done for 5 years. We were therefore delighted when the Thistle Rugby Podcast team approached us a potential sponsor.

They are a young team of avid Scottish rugby enthusiasts – a bit like ourselves! – who cover all things to do with Scottish rugby on a weekly basis. But as they’re independent of any club or union, they don’t have to tow any party line which always makes their comments more interesting and usually insightful too. And that aside, it’s just good entertainment with lots of banter, especially when some of their guests are a little indiscrete!

From a commercial point of view, we’re obviously targeting a younger audience and while they might not be ready to discuss retirement planning, they might well be buying their first property and that’s where our mortgage management team can help.

Go on and give it a listen!”

You can listen on The Thistle Scottish Rugby Podcast on acast and catch up on previous episodes too. If you use another podcast player, just search for The Thistle Rugby Podcast to find them. You can also follow the team’s comments in between episodes on Twitter where you can also find links to their Instagram channel and even sign up for a weekly newsletter.

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