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Jeff’s Final Final Message of 2021

22nd December 2021

With news changing on a daily basis that is having an impact on personal and business lives globally, Jeff felt it was important to have a final final view of 2021.

Jeff Lewis, director at RobMac



Generally 2021 was a good year for equities  with positive returns posted from all major markets.  As investors we hope that further opportunities arise in 2022 with economic activity very much on an upward trend.

Inflation has come back to worry policymakers although a large proportion of that rise in prices can be put down to supply side issues which are beginning to ease. However central banks have taken the chance to begin increasing interest rates which in many ways can be a sign of some kind of return to normality and should be welcomed. Cash savers have not had it easy for a few years so they will welcome higher returns albeit it is quite modest.

Long Term

As long term investors we understand that at times there will be volatility in investment markets, when things turn they go down by a lift, when assets rise they take the stairs!! It was forever thus.

In summary we have to be positive in thinking that the UK, Europe, US etc will get through the latest shock of the new variant and that economic activity will not be held back too much and that by spring we’ll be perhaps through all this with a good year ahead for growth and markets.

May we wish all our clients a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you all in 2022.

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