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Following the Megatrends

18th October 2021

One of our favourite fund managers, the Geneva based Pictet have been at the forefront of sustainable investing for many years. And in partnership with Mega they explore the Megatrends are a discrete group of powerful social, demographic, environmental and technological forces that are reshaping our world.

The purpose is to provide insights into the problems faced by humanity and the innovations that could one day solve them. Megatrends are not forces that will be resolved today or tomorrow but look to the future. Which is another reason that we value their insight as we believe that investment should be a long-term plan.

Mega have identified three main areas that they believe will have the most impact: technology, sustainability and health.  Taking each in turn:

Technology. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotics, 3-D printing, security, privacy, the Internet of Things, and Blockchain. These are just a few of the growing number of disruptive technologies that are transforming the way countries are run, companies are managed and people live their lives.

Sustainability. Advances in environmental technology such as renewable & clean energy, recycling, water preservation, materials science, precision agriculture and pollution control are crucial if we are to build a truly sustainable economy.

Health. Genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, robo-surgery, personalised medicine, nutrition, biotech, alternative foods and a vast array of technologies that come under the label of transhumanism will give us the opportunity to lead healthier, longer lives.

It’s easy to recognise most of terms from the above that are increasingly appearing in the media, in business and even in our everyday lives. But which ones will have the most impact is more difficult to predict!

What we do know however is that tracking the above developments across technology, sustainability and health will give us an indication of where humanity is heading helped by the innovations in these key areas.

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