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Charlie Bishop joins for work experience

15th June 2023

As you know, RobMac always like to support young people with their ambitions, whether that is through sponsorship or work experience. This summer, we have been joined by Charlie Bishop to give him a snapshot of what it is like working in the financial services sector.

Here’s a bit more about Charlie.



My name is Charlie Bishop, I’m currently a student at Heriot Watt University soon to enter my second year of an Economics and Finance degree. I have largely had a great time in my first year, but it is safe to say this year wasn’t without its challenges these being both academically and socially but thanks to the incredible resources and facilities that the university was able to provide I look back on my first experiences there with happiness and pride having learned new things, met new people and made memories for life.

To better my CV and to learn more about the industry that I feel I want to work in, I approached RobMac looking for potential work experience just before the beginning of summer and they have welcomed me with open arms. Everyone at the organisation is extremely positive and friendly and they have far exceeded my expectations of what my week here would include. I have been shown a great deal of the systems and technology that they use and even got the chance to use some of them, myself. It has allowed me to see how everything links together from the admin and research team right through to the advisors themselves. This has really opened my eyes to what a potential job in this sector could involve.

I grew up in Fife with the idea of working in Edinburgh being a big step for someone my age but having recently seen the amount of opportunities available for young people trying to find their feet in full time employment it has become somewhere I can see myself working and maybe even living in the near future once I have completed my degree.

I am grateful for the weeks work experience provided by RobMac and would like to thank them for their time and help.


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