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Andrew Hannay suggests a few additions to your To Do list

30th March 2020

Keeping well and safe is of course the priority. And the tips and advice are straightforward on how to occupy your time during self-isolation:

·       Work in the garden (if you have one) and paint the fence and shed

·       Get those odd jobs that you’ve been meaning to do done

·       Make sure that your cupboard is stocked (but not over-stocked)

·       Skype/Facetime/Zoom your family and friends

·       Look after your neighbours

·       Stop raiding the fridge during the day

·       If you can, volunteer

·       Keep up with the daily exercise

Andrew Hannay


Andrew Hannay, director at RobMac also suggests a few financial to do’s as well. Andrew said,

“If you still have some time to fill during the day, then why not have a good look at your finances too?”.

Here’s his suggestions:

·       How does your pension look? Have you saved enough so that your plans are on track?

·       Is your will up to date? Most of us just do it once and then forget about it despite our changing circumstances.

·       Is your life insurance and/or critical illness cover in good shape? There are a lot of more affordable products in the market these days.

·       Review all your direct debits – are you still paying for things that you no longer need to?

·       Check all your renewals and subscriptions – did you spend any time doing that online yoga course last year?

·       Check the deals that are available on heating, lighting, car and house insurance etc.  A good starting point is with Martin Lewis’s Money Saving Expert website

·       Check whether you or your business is eligible for any of the grants or loans that the government have promised as well as other information relating to Coronavirus here

·       Are you paying too much tax? Now is the time to review your position to see if there are savings to be had.

·       Equally when did you last review your mortgage? There are so many new products available and with interest rates at their historic low, there has never been a better to time to look at your options

“Most people don’t review the above because they’re too busy despite the savings that are there to be made. Now that you might have a bit more time on your hands then you should really assess your financial position.”

If any of the above is of interest to you and you would like to discuss your financial position further, you can arrange to meet with one of our financial advisers by scheduling a meeting here>>