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An update from Ghana

16th March 2023

We’ve just had an update from Thea O’Sullivan who RobMac are sponsoring as part of her Project Trust work as a teacher in Ghana. Here’s what Thea had to say.



“Since the last update, a lot has changed at school. The government has done a reshuffle of teachers placements , causing us to lose some members of staff (from our already insufficient numbers ).

Everyone has had to take on much more work , even the head teacher has had to enter the classroom again. We are very busy at school currently preparing for first term exams that will take place in the next two weeks.

Since January I have been calling on all the information stored in the back of my brain as I have taught classes in science, maths, English, creative arts and French !

The school is really facing an up hill battle, with all the extra work there is also a new born baby who comes with her mother everyday as there is nobody else to care for her.

Although it is a busy, hard time everyone is really pulling together to make the school run as smoothly as possible.

Outside of school, Ghana is celebrating Independence Day on 6th March , which we are very excited to experience. ”

We’ll keep you updated about the rest of Thea’s work in Ghana.