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Buying a property is often cited as one of life’s main stresses. We aim to minimise that by analysing fully the considerable number of options available to you and tailoring a solution to your exact requirements.

We have delivered countless successful outcomes over many years for the employed, self-employed, first time buyers or those heading into retirement. We are also specialists in supporting self-build and commercial projects, as well as those looking for buy to let purchases or seeking re-mortgaging and equity release options from existing property holdings. Mortgage management is what we do.

Unlike many others our service does not stop here. We proactively contact our clients prior to the expiry of their mortgage products with a view to identifying savings that could be made by replacing them. This ‘ongoing’ service forms the basis of what we see as a long term partnership.

Our reputation for excellence in the mortgage market is built on delivering a five star service fully focused on personal quality and customer care. We are proud of our reputation and the support and solutions we have delivered in a variety of circumstances. In what is such an important life event we fully believe you deserve nothing less.


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How we can help – case studies

Ex Partner with Existing Mortgage

A client approached us to see if we could help after fearing the worst. This couple had been saving for over 3 years for their deposit and had reserved a plot for their dream home. They had received a call to finalise this reservation but unfortunately, an ex partner had not cleared an existing mortgage on a previous property. Panicking they thought that they would have to give this property up as well. Making matters worst, one client was furloughed with no ability to earn due to the nature of her job. 

We looked at their income and expenditure and using all income streams from Mr, we managed to secure a mortgage for £177,000 at 85% loan to value on the property, without having to include Mrs’ income. They will be able to reclaim the additional dwelling tax payment once the sale has gone through of the ex partners property as long as this is done within the next 18 months.  Two very happy and delighted clients.

Freeing up cash with a Let to Buy mortgage

A young couple desperate for more space, came to see us, they owned their home and another Holiday Let property but had no free cash for the deposit. Mr was a contractor and Mrs was a homemaker.

Using all the properties as security, we managed to release funds from the Holiday let property, on a new Holiday Let mortgage, Raise money from their existing home that they were keen to retain and rent out, using a very competitive  Let to buy mortgage and finally secure a residential mortgage for their main residence. In doing this we were able to balance the debt through three properties to make it not only tax efficient but also very affordable, as the investment properties we able to cover most of the residential costs.

Mortgage FAQ

  • How does a Mortgage work?

    A Bank or Lender loans money with interest. In return their loan is secured against the value of a person’s property. The details of the loan agreement are registered against the Title of that property- this is known as a mortgage.

  • What is a mortgage broker?

    Mortgage brokers are specialist advisers who will look for a suitable mortgage product on a client’s behalf in order to ensure they get the best possible deal based on their requirements.

  • I have bad credit, will this be a problem?

    This will not prevent you from getting a mortgage. We have had great success in helping clients with adverse credit. There are a number of lenders who are more favourable to clients who have previously had trouble sourcing finance.

  • Is the mortgage advice independent?

    Yes, our advice is always independent and impartial, we will recommend what we consider to be the best mortgage to meet your needs. They have no affiliation with a particular lender or panel. We are FCA regulated, fully CII MAQ qualified and offer professional advice.

  • How do I know I’m being offered the best mortgage available to me?

    Being a ‘whole of market broker’ means that we have access to the whole mortgage market. We search and compare the entire market to find the best offer for you, doing all the hard work for you. Please note however a small amount of lenders do not use the source of a broker.

  • What fees are involved in getting a mortgage?

    Our brokers take all the hard work out of finding the very best mortgage offers available. We are CII MAQ qualified and FCA Regulated. We can charge a Financial Arrangement Fee payable on application. Any fees will be detailed on the documentation provided prior to any commitment by the client.


  • How much can I afford?

    There is no prescribed criteria to determine what you can borrow. The amount you qualify for will be determined by the purchase price of the property, the deposit you are able to put down, your income and monthly expenses. We are able to give you an indication over the phone or a full agreement in principal.

  • I would like to invest in a rental property is this something you can help with?

    Yes, we have a wealth of experience in a range of Mortgage types including Buy To let Mortgages

  • What is LTV?

    Lenders often talk about the LTV requirement. LTV is an acronym for Loan to Value Ratio. This is a term used to describe the ratio of a loan to the value of the property purchased. For example if you borrow £161,000 to purchase a property valued at £230,000 the LTV is 161,000/230,000 or 70%, the remaining 30% is your equity.

  • Is the pandemic affecting my retirement?

    The pandemic is causing many people to reconsider their retirement plans and lockdown is giving many others the time to look more closely at their savings and outgoings. In short people are looking at various scenarios. Do I need to work for longer? Can I go part time or take early retirement? The best is to work with a financial adviser who will help you to understand and explain your options, so you can make an informed decision.

If you would like to discuss your mortgage position further with one of our consultants (without obligation), then click on the button and select a suitable time and date to arrange a meeting.



Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate buy-to-let mortgages.

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